who we are.

We are a small but experienced team of digital marketing consultants dedicated to full funnel optimization. Founders Bas and Shayed have over a decade of experience in digital marketing each. During their careers they’ve mastered every facet of digital marketing, from running campaigns and reporting, to strategy and conversion optimization. That’s probably why they favor an integral approach where every step of the ecommerce funnel is continuously optimized.

Over the years they’ve worked for big companies such as IENS / Tripadvisor, Fietsenwinkel.nl and Bookchoice, as well as start ups / scale ups like Pig&Hen and Vedder&Vedder, which they helped grow exponentially within a few years. Wrkt Digital Consultancy always aims for a long-term partnership and sustained growth.

we love.

  • Partnering up with clients who want to grow their business using ecommerce
  • Finding out how to optimize budgets across platforms
  • Test multiple audiences and ad content to improve campaign results 
  • Using data and A/B testing to improve the entire ecommerce funnel
  • Witnessing the growth of our clients revenue

why clients like us.

  • A dedicated agency who cares about their results
  • Realistic forecasts which show growth and necessary investments
  • Regular contact to share insights, discuss reports and plan for the future
  • Expert view on digital marketing & conversion optimization
  • Clear dashboards with real time performance stats